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PattO - the artist:

PattO the Dutch Artist born in Sri Lanka

Recovering from hepatitis in Colombo I was no older then seven when my nanna got me my first water colors. Her loving attempt to keep me in bed or at least at home. At seventeen I received another great gift (my first oil colors) from my godfather. Soon after I would sale my first oil painting. "In over ten countries there are PattO artwork hanging."

I'm deeply humbled by the many people who nurtured my talent and the many people who hang my work to marvel at and wonderful in sublime. A massive thanks to all.
From: the artist always known as PattO☺

Exhibit - display at :
PattOs Atelier
Graaf Lodewijkstraat 9
6582 AW Heumen

Gallery Dutch Artist - Full size map

Cambodian Buddha_PattO By PattO

Cambodian Buddha
Painting: Oil on Canvas. Painted during 2013 in Veitnam/The Netherlands.
Now hangs at Canisius-Wilhelmina Hospital, Nijmegen, Netherlands.
Size: 100 * 100 cm.
Owner: (private) Netherlands.

Aura Women By PattO

Aura Women
Painting: Oil on Canvas. Painted during 2001 in Indonesia.
Now hangs in the Nethrlands.
Size: 225 * 125 cm.
Owner: (private) The Nethrlands.

Templers By PattO

Painting: Oil on Canvas. Painted during 1999 in Sri Lanka.
Now hangs in Sri Lanka.
Size: 35 * 25 cm.
Owner: (private) Sri Lanka.


The Artist PattO - Patrick Wise




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